Startup Weekend Feb 2013 – Student Perspective

If you are on the fence about entrepreneurship, want more experience or desire to network, startup weekend is a must-go event. This event is one of the best samples of working at a startup.

MobiDoc_FINAL_LogoWhen you combine hundreds of entrepreneurial go getters, you are bound to have a good time and great results. The concept is simple – in one weekend you will meet new people, pitch ideas, form teams around those ideas, and proceed to launch a startup in the remaining 54 hours. Everything culminates in a pitch Sunday night with the winner receiving several prizes to help launch your weekend venture into a real business.

Being one of the youngest attendees can be intimidating, but then you quickly realize everyone is here to network and help each other. Instead, what you can bring to the table comes before titles or age. At the end of the weekend, through the use of interviews, user feedback, and research my team created MobiDoc. This is a video platform for hospitals to prevent costly readmissions.

The experiences, people I met, and the things I learned were amazing and unforgettable. Even if you have no interest in startups, I highly recommend attending this event.

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